Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hello, it's me.

Why am I blogging?

After all, isn't a little late to get in the game? Am I not brother to the guy in the Progressive Insurance commercial, the last lone loser in an empty stadium? Isn't this kind of like being the last kid to get bell-bottoms in 1969, or the last girl to wear legwarmers in 1986?

Maybe. And I would be fooling myself and trying to fool you if I thought that I had any deep thoughts or original takes on life that you, the reader, really needed to hear. I think it's more about things I need to say.

You see, I live in a small town in the Great Midwest(tm), and by that I mean a really small town. I'm not talking about a suburb of 15,000 some twenty minutes from Chicago or Indianapolis or Des Moines. I mean a real, honest-to-goodness small town, 4500 free-standing souls isolated enough to think that Des Moines is a very big city. It's a small place that looks askance at boat-rockers, and isn't real crazy about opinions that venture too far off a well-beaten path. It's full of good people trying to get through life, but who would rather watch Benchwarmers than Brick.

But I like Brick. And I hope that through this blog, I can connect with other people who like Brick. Or the music of Jon Dee Graham and Habib Koite. Or the comics of Warren Ellis. Who have a religious faith with which they grapple and that they take seriously, not a set of rules that they use to elevate themselves above others. Who think that we need new ideas, but aren't smug and certain about what those ideas might be. If you might be one of those people, or interested in eavesdropping on us, welcome aboard.

And I promise that the next post won't make me seem like such a whiny, self-aggrandizing ass.

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Robert Farley said...

Welcome to the blogging, apnoir.