Saturday, August 14, 2010

an erection lasting longer than four hours

The new poll at Right Wing News of the 100 Worst Figures in American History led me to this thought:

How empty are the lives of these people?

I'm fifty years old now.  I have a daughter in high school.  I have parents who are in their seventies, and their health (my dad's in particular) is a concern.  I have a niece in college, a couple more in high school, nieces and nephews in elementary and middle school.  My wife is considering her retirement options.  I'm trying finish the book I'm currently reading and keep up with The New Yorker and Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar and whether I'll be able to go to Tuesday's pickin' session.  I'm planning the menu for the week and scheduling the trip to the farmer's market.

George Bush was the worst president of my life (yes, even worse than Nixon, on the grounds that falling in shit is worse than stepping in it), maybe the worst in American history, but I hardly spend a second of my day remembering him or seething at his perfidy.

So how empty, lost and alone are these people that after nearly forty years they can still keep a hate hard-on for Jimmy Carter?

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