Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tell you later why I've been gone so long, but first, this message:

After watching the first ten minutes of the "Saddleback Civic Forum," I know what it feels like to be wiped down with a rag soaked in warm saliva. If this is what passes for probing questions from Coach... er, Pastor Warren, then I can accurately forecast what we will learn tonight.

Exactly zero.

Warren is exhibiting a taste for the sort of mush-headed, quasi-profound banalities that make Rotary Clubs nationwide such hotbeds of excitement. I think Coach... er, Pastor Warren believes that Zig Ziglar would be the perfect Presidential candidate.

7:32 (CDT)
When Warren asked what Supreme Court Justice would Obama not have nominated, Obama should have looked at him and said, "That's highly speculative and inappropriate and I'm not answering it."

Where is Warren's proof that faith-based organizations do a better job? I volunteer for a religious NGO, and we don't claim that we do a better job of feeding hungry kids than UNICEF.

Why would Saddleback need to take federal money? They're rich as stink. Another example of monied aristocrats.. excuse me, salt-of-the-earth real Americans wanting to get their hands on gubmint money without any accountability.

The minute someone can define how merit pay would work for teachers, I'll listen. Every proposal I've heard so far is just a thinly-disguised attempt to strip teachers of professional rights and standing.

"Define 'rich'?" I thought there weren't going to be any gotcha questions, Coach... er, Pastor Warren.

Hearty laughs for $150,000 being poor in Orange County. Assholes. Welcome to the OC. If you're making over $250,000 and you're not on easy street (or at least fairly comfortable street), then (to steal a page from the right wing) you're responsible for your own fate.

I'm digging watching this on C-Span just to watch Saddleback's Hairclub for Men, failed '70's soft-rock band "worship team" perform... er, minister during the commercial breaks.

BTW, IFC is showing Bowling for Columbine at the same time. That means something, I'm not sure what.

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